Cubs Demo Right Field Sign, Rooftops Threaten Legal Action

The Cubs played their final home game of the year more than a month ago. Construction on the first phase of the Wrigley Field Restoration plan was expected to begin as soon as the home schedule wrapped but due to the ongoing conflict between the team and the rooftop club owners, the Cubs have yet to apply for permits much less order materials.

As they did in May, the Cubs erected a demo of the city-approved 650 square-foot see-through sign in right field on Wednesday. The demonstration had two purposes on Wednesday. The Cubs wanted to show the rooftop owners on Sheffield Avenue that their views would not be obstructed and to give Anheuser Busch a “better sense of what they have purchased.” The Cubs sold the advertising to Anheuser Busch and when the sign is built, it will feature a Budweiser script logo.


The Cubs have received permission from the city to build the sign and the construction could begin soon according to multiple reports, so the sign will be up for next season.

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