Chalk art on Wrigley Field walls to give way to construction

Wrigley Field’s days as the “Friendly Chalkboard” are coming to an end.

The Chicago Cubs say they need to remove chalk messages and artwork left by fans on the ballpark’s exterior walls due to offseason construction.

Fans have until 5 p.m. Tuesday. After that, final photographs will be taken and be displayed publicly at a later date.

Fans started writing messages encouraging the Cubs on the walls outside the famed ballpark’s bleachers during the run to the team’s first championship since 1908. The 102-year-old ballpark and surrounding sidewalks resemble a gigantic chalkboard, jammed with celebratory messages and the names of loved ones who didn’t live to see this.

Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney tells fans the organization hopes this becomes a postseason tradition at Wrigley Field.

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