Apartment landlord sues to block Wrigley hotel

A landlord who owns apartment buildings adjacent to the Cubs’ proposed hotel across from Wrigley Field has sued to block the hotel project, alleging that zoning approval was unconstitutional and would hurt the value and living conditions of his buildings.

Thomas Romano Sr., who owns three apartment buildings immediately west of the hotel site bound by Addison, Clark and Patterson streets, sued in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging that the City Council Zoning Committee’s approval of the project improperly amended the site’s current zoning status and that the development will cause the value of the surrounding property to decrease.

Mr. Romano, who testified along with other residents against the project at the July 23 City Council Zoning Committee hearing at which it was approved, alleges that the city had no legal authority to approve the project because the planned development status on the site expired two years ago and also alleges that the approval was “arbitrary and capricious.”

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