ASP (dynamic server page)

Superplasticizer in concrete 2021-07-20 08:18 72
Compared with HTML,

asp web page has the following characteristics:

(1) using ASP can break through some functional limitations of static web page and realize dynamic web page technology

(2) ASP files are included in HTML files, which are easy to modify and test

(3) the ASP interpreter on the server will execute the ASP program on the server side and send the result to the client browser in HTML format, so all kinds of browsers can browse the web pages generated by ASP normally

(4) ASP [1] provides some built-in objects, which can make the server script more powerful. For example, you can get the information submitted by users through HTML form from web browser, process the information in script, and then send the information to web browser

(5) ASP can use server-side ActiveX components to perform various tasks, such as accessing database, sending email or accessing file system

(6) because the server sends the result of ASP program execution back to the client browser in HTML format, the user will not see the original program code written by ASP, which can prevent the ASP program code from being stolen

(7) it is convenient to connect access and SQL database

(8) development needs rich experience, otherwise it will leave loopholes for hackers to use for injection attack


ASP is not only limited to making web website with HTML, but also can make WAP mobile website with XHTML and WML. But the principle is the same