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Hello, what's the difference between the words \


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The verb \

1. It’

2. We set out to _________ exactly what happened that night.

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Helen Hello everyone, welcome to BBC English Teaching's \

Question Hello, what's the difference between the words \

Helen Thank you for asking. This is a very representative question. In the process of learning English, due to the origin and characteristics of English words, we are often confused by polysemy and polysemy. At this time, if only from the Chinese translation, it is difficult to find out the difference. For example, determine, detect and measure all have the meaning of \

Examples We set out to determine exactly what happened that night. We're going to find out what happened that night. The focus here is to find out.

Computer models can help us to determine whether a particular area is likely to flood. Computer modeling can help us infer whether a flood is likely to occur in a certain area. Here is \

Helen Next, let's take a look at detect, which also has the meaning of \ Examples I thought I detected a hint of an Irish accent when I first met George, and he was from Dublin. When I met George for the first time, I noticed that he had a little Irish accent, and he really came from Dublin.

Gas leaks can be very difficult to detect without specialist equipment. Without special instruments, it is difficult to detect gas leakage.

The drug test failed to detect any illegal substance. The drug test did not detect any illegal items.

Screening can help detect cancer so it can be treated as soon as possible. Screening can help to find cancer and get treatment as soon as possible.

Helen Next, let's look at the word measure. As a verb, measure means \

Examples I normally use a scale to measure the exact amount of flour I need for a cake. I usually use a scale to accurately measure the weight of flour needed to make a cake.

I have a new watch and it can measure my heart rate. I have a new watch that can measure my heartbeat.

Helen Determine and measure have other different meanings. For example, another common meaning of decision is \

Example The number of staff we need to employ is determined by how many students we will have. How many employees we need to hire depends on how many students we will have.

Helen \

Example Anna determined that one day she would be a politician. Anna is determined to become a politician one day.

Helen Let's take a look at measure. In addition to the above meaning of \

Examples It is difficult to measure the success of the campaign at this stage. It is difficult to assess the success of the event at this stage.

The school's performance is measured against a strict set of criteria. The performance of the school is evaluated by a series of strict standards.

Helen At this point, let's briefly summarize these three words. As a verb, determine has the meaning of \

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