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determine English t???? m?? n] It's beautiful t?? m?? n] Decision, determination Make a decision CET4 college entrance examination determine的词根、词缀示意图 « 1 / 10 » × On line decomposition and query of root affixes in PC version Etymological tree --> 获得 Adobe Flash Player --> Etymological description (Tong Ge) 1. Define: de -, down, - term. 1. Decide means to make a decision after consideration or discussion, followed by infinitive, preposition on / upon + (gerund) or clause. It has been decided that museum shall not be open on Saturday. \ 2. [homophonic] Di te Mei Di te is so bored that he decides to go out to relax Decision, determination 3. Decision: (de strengthen action + term → strengthen boundary → The final settlement of (disputes, controversies, problems, etc.); He decided that he would travel to New York this summer holiday. Her post should be determined only by her function in the company. To conclude, confirm, or infer (as after reasoning or observation); To find out; ascertain; I tried to determine the reasons for his actions. The police determined that no crime had been committed in the street. 3. Cause, form, influence and dominate; Be the decisive factor of; be the decisive factor of; Demand for a product usually determines supply. Present decisions will determine the future of the company. Give a clear goal, point out (direction) and decide the direction of; They must decide where the conference will take place. His encouragement determined us to carry on with the study. 6. ■ decision; Selection; regulations; formulate; The date of the election has yet to be determined. The river determines the natural boundary between the two countries. They have terminated the contract. 10. ■ judgment; The courts determine questions of guilt and innocence. To define (a concept) by means of logic; determine the position of; determine; work out; classify; classify; She decided to leave the school at once. He determined to learn English. The contract is due next week. 3. ■