He Xingyang

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tutor Name: he Xingyang

tutor type: doctoral tutor

date of birth: November 1976 / 4

Title: Professor

personal profile:

he Xingyang, male, doctor, second grade Professor, doctoral tutor. Currently, he is the president of Graduate School of Hubei University of technology, director of Hubei building waterproofing engineering technology research center, director of Zoje building materials joint research center, chief scientist of national key R & D program, director of Hubei innovation group, and winner of Hubei outstanding youth fund

is also deputy director of Specialized Committee, China Cement Association, deputy director of the China Silicate Society waterproof material, deputy director of the building waterproof Academic Committee of China Architecture society, academic group member of the academic committee of the vice chairman of China Building Materials Federation, Hubei provincial building waterproof Association, and Hubei provincial silicate Association executive director. Chairman of Young Scientists Forum of China Association for science and Technology (238th meeting), academic leader of characteristic discipline structure and materials discipline of civil engineering in Hubei Province

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