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Green silicon carbide powder

Superplasticizer Powder 2021-09-03 12:27 130
The predecessor of Zhengzhou Xinli wear resistant material Co., Ltd. originated in 1996. It has been a professional manufacturer of sand blasting, polishing and grinding materials for 20 years, with an annual output of 3000 tons of micro powder. It is the first enterprise in China to achieve the standard grain size of 0.3um, which can achieve the effect of metal mirror

company has passed iso9001:2015 quality management system certification. It has 2 dumping furnaces and 3 fixed furnaces, 12000V magnetic separator, ball mill, bamak, OMAX resistance and laser particle size detector. It specializes in the production of white corundum sand, white corundum powder, aluminum oxide powder and green silicon carbide powder. It is widely used in sand blasting and grinding in hardware, machinery, electronics, glass, coating and other industries. The quality of fine powder can replace some imported products

adhere to innovation, standardized and refined production, so that every customer can use products with stable quality and preferential price is our consistent goal