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Superplasticizer News 2021-07-29 12:56 55

Samsung's own AMOLED screen is another magic weapon besides exynos processor. This exclusive screen was almost everywhere in the past high, medium and low-end Galaxy smartphones, but this situation could not be continued in 2013. It is reported today that Samsung has decided to reduce the use of AMOLED screens in its smartphones in 2013. Next year, only flagship smartphones such as Galaxy S and Galaxy note will continue to use AMOLED screens, while other medium and low-end smartphones will be equipped with PLS LCD screens

although Samsung has not announced the matter, there is a clue to send the AMOLED screen to the high-end field. With the sharp increase in sales of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung AMOLED screens are also in short supply, and Samsung's continuous development of new technologies for the AMOLED screens of its flagship machines also has an impact on the overall shipments of AMOLED screens. Due to the insufficient capacity of the 4.99-inch 1080p super AMOLED screen, the release of the machine was delayed. In order to match Samsung's mid and low-end Galaxy models, Samsung's flagship AMD will not be launched better