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Development report of admixture industry

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 % 26emsp; 1、 Overview

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; In recent decades, great progress has been made in concrete engineering technology in China. The performance of concrete mixture has changed from dryness to plasticity and large fluidity, the strength of concrete has changed from medium low strength to medium high strength, and the comprehensive performance of concrete has changed from ordinary performance to high performance. The application and development of concrete admixture technology plays a decisive role in the great technical progress of concrete engineering. Without the application and development of concrete admixture technology, there can be no development of modern concrete technology

 % 26emsp; The characteristics of concrete admixtures are: small amount, large effect. It has four effects on concrete: one is to improve the working performance of fresh concrete; Second, improve the mechanical properties of hardened concrete; Third, improve the durability of concrete; The fourth is to save cement and obtain good economic benefits. The rapid development and wide application of modern concrete construction technology, such as pumping concrete, flow concrete, self compacting concrete, high strength and high performance concrete, underwater non dispersive concrete, shotcrete, all show the important role of admixtures. It can be said that the application of admixtures is the most significant sign of modern concrete. In other words, modern concrete technology is actually modern admixture technology. In fact, admixture has become an indispensable component of modern concrete

 % 26emsp; 2、 Development of concrete admixture industry in China 26emsp; In recent years, with the rapid development of China's construction industry, the demand for concrete is increasing, the quality requirements are higher and higher, the performance requirements are more and more comprehensive and diversified, and the types and performance requirements of admixtures are also higher and higher, The production and application of concrete admixtures in China still have great development potential and space, and the varieties will be further increased. The level of admixture application technology is enough to affect the speed of concrete technology development in China. The two are complementary and interdependent. Without the development demand of concrete technology, the development of concrete admixtures is lack of power. On the contrary, without the development of admixtures and their application technology, concrete technology can not reach today's level

 % 26emsp; However, if the admixture is used improperly, it often can not achieve the desired effect, and even quality accidents will occur. Therefore, for a long time, the industry has been paying attention to the research of concrete admixtures and their application technology, strengthening the publicity of new products, new technologies and new processes of concrete admixtures to the engineering circles, and vigorously training technical personnel, so that they can accurately grasp the performance of various admixtures, and how to correctly select and use various admixtures with different performance for specific projects, so as to make them play the best effect, The economic and social benefits should be achieved. It is of great significance to improve the overall quality level of concrete in China, promote the technical progress of concrete engineering, promote the further healthy development of high-performance concrete and other high-tech, and ensure the healthy development of additive industry abroad

 % 26emsp; The development of concrete admixtures in China can be summarized as follows:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp;( 1) Large number of additive manufacturers:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 2000 additive manufacturers in China, including more than 500 chemical synthesis manufacturers and more than 100 expander manufacturers

 % 26emsp;( 2) There are many kinds and brands of additives:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; At present, there are more than 30 kinds of admixtures abroad in China, almost all of them are in China, and more than 200 brands are produced. In particular, superplasticizer from the original relatively single naphthalene superplasticizer gradually to multi varieties, new varieties and high-end varieties, such as polycarboxylate superplasticizer, melamine superplasticizer and modified melamine superplasticizer, aminosulfonate superplasticizer, aliphatic superplasticizer, etc

 % 26emsp; Among all kinds of superplasticizer, the output of polycarboxylate superplasticizer, naphthalene superplasticizer and aliphatic superplasticizer in 2013 were 4978100 tons, 3575900 tons and 681700 tons respectively. In recent years, polycarboxylate superplasticizer has developed rapidly, and the total proportion has increased from 14.6% in 2007 to 52.2% in 2013

 % 26emsp;( 3) High output and output value of admixtures:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; In recent years, the growth rate of additive production in China is amazing, which has leaped to the top of the world, and has a trend of increasing year by year. According to the survey results of China's concrete admixtures in 2013 released by the concrete admixtures branch of China Building Materials Federation, the total output of concrete admixtures in 2013 reached 12.2525 million tons, equivalent to the sales value of admixtures reached 49.661 billion yuan

 % 26emsp;( 4) The scale of enterprises is getting larger and larger:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; There are more than 200 enterprises with an annual output of 10000 tons, nearly 50 enterprises with an annual output of 30000-40000 tons, and nearly 100 enterprises with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan

 % 26emsp;( 5) The overall level of enterprises is getting higher and higher:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; In recent years, the starting point of many new and under construction production enterprises has been significantly improved, which is manifested in the following aspects: large investment, large production scale, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect enterprise management system, increasing management level, complete quality control means, and complete corresponding test instruments and inspection equipment

 % 26emsp;( 6) Admixtures and their application technology are becoming more and more advanced:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; With the continuous development of the production technology and level of chemical synthetic admixtures and composite admixtures, the more reasonable cost performance of products, and the increasing level of R & D and application technology of admixtures, a large number of admixtures are widely used in various concrete construction, especially high-quality admixtures are used in many national key projects and large-scale projects. The admixtures abroad can not only meet the technical requirements of various concrete construction, but also meet the quality requirements of concrete

 % 26emsp;( 7) Foreign funded enterprises from a large number of entry into the Chinese market into exit or joint venture

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; As China's construction market is very large, half of the world's cement production is consumed in China, which has attracted many foreign manufacturers to enter the Chinese market one after another. At present, the relevant enterprises that have entered the domestic market mainly include Sika company, BASF company, fossler company, Italy Mabei company, Japan's catalyst company, Korea's LG company, etc. At present, the main promotion method adopted by these companies is to sell their products produced abroad, and some companies have started or will set up production lines, factories or compound products in China. In fact, the entry of these foreign companies, on the one hand, has effectively promoted the development and progress of the admixture industry in China, and shortened the gap between China and foreign countries. On the other hand, it will have a far-reaching impact and promotion on improving the overall level of China's concrete admixture industry

 % 26emsp; However, with the technological progress of domestic and foreign additive enterprises, especially the polycarboxylate superplasticizer technology, and the gradual establishment and maturity of new additive industry chain, the domestic and foreign additive technology has reached the international advanced level in some aspects, even the international leading level. In addition, domestic enterprises can better adapt to the changing environment of China's raw materials, which has prompted some foreign brands to gradually withdraw from the domestic market. In order to adapt to the domestic market situation, some foreign-funded enterprises have chosen the way of joint venture with domestic enterprises. With the help of the characteristics of domestic enterprises, they have achieved good results

 % 26emsp;( 8) The awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection in the industry is increasing:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; With the strategic requirements of global sustainable development and the popularity of the scientific concept of development, the whole concrete admixture industry is increasingly aware of energy and material saving, green environmental protection and human health. At the same time of ensuring the quality of admixture products, paying attention to energy conservation and resource protection is becoming the focus of the industry. Many enterprises have listed water saving, electricity saving and oil saving as the key internal assessment indicators. Some excellent enterprises have increased investment in the research and development of new products and technologies of green and environment-friendly additives, which has set a good example for other enterprises

 % 26emsp;( 9) The product standards and application specifications of admixtures are complete:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp; Since 1986, in order to ensure the quality of concrete admixtures, promote the development and improvement of application technology, standardize the market and ensure the engineering quality, China has formulated a series of national (industry) standards and technical specifications for concrete admixtures which are widely used and widely used. Since then, most of the standards and specifications have been revised, which plays an important role in improving product quality, standardizing market and ensuring project quality. At present, the national standards or industry standards of concrete admixtures in China are relatively complete

 % 26emsp; In the future, the focus of our branch's work will be to strengthen the research and development of various new admixtures, environmental friendly admixtures, especially high-performance admixtures, to further promote the continuous improvement of the application technology of admixtures and the improvement of the application level, which is also the key to the continuous development of new concrete technology in China

 % 26emsp; 3、 Technical status and development trend of concrete admixtures at home and abroad 26emsp;( 1) Technology status at home and abroad 26emsp; 1. Present situation of additive technology at home and abroad 26emsp; Concrete admixtures have been used internationally since 1930s. Concrete admixtures have been developed and used in China since 1950s; In the 1970s, the additive industry began to rise. After more than 30 years of efforts, China's additive industry has made considerable development. At present, the development status of additive technology abroad can be summarized as follows:

% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp;% 26emsp 26emsp;( 1) Stable development of synthetic technology, new varieties of synthetic superplasticizer rapid development

 % 26emsp; Synthetic superplasticizer is the most important product in concrete admixture. It can be used alone or combined with other products. The output of superplasticizer in China ranks first in the world. Among them, naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate superplasticizer accounts for about 80% of the total synthetic superplasticizer output. The production process of naphthalene series superplasticizer in China is mature and stable, and the products are close to the level of foreign countries, but more than half of the enterprises are too small. The dosage of high concentration superplasticizer with better performance (Na2SO4 content less than 5%) is less than 5%

 % 26emsp; The diversification of synthetic superplasticizer products in China is one of the characteristics of the development of superplasticizer technology. From the original single naphthalene products to sulfamate, new melamine, aliphatic, polycarboxylate and other varieties of common development. The production process of the new type superplasticizer is simpler than that of naphthalene series, the investment is less than that of naphthalene series, the performance of the new type superplasticizer has obvious characteristics, and the new type superplasticizer has better technical and economic benefits, which can be compared with the quality of foreign products

 % 26emsp;(