How to choose cos

Superplasticizer News 2021-07-20 08:44 154
You should know the difference between COS HTML cache and WP super cache to choose. Cos HTML cache can only generate a complete static file and save it on the hard disk. This will minimize the resource consumption of the server. And the access is only a file, so the speed is very fast. In addition, some hosts have great restrictions on CPU and memory. Therefore, in this case, choosing cos HTML cache is a good choice. However, when there are many sites on the shared host, the load of the hard disk will increase, and the performance of reading this kind of scattered files will also decrease, and the previous advantages will become disadvantages. In addition, the memory of the server is getting larger and larger. If you can save part of the content in the memory, this acceleration effect should be very good, but it's not over yet. If the resource limitation of the host is relatively small, such as BlueHost, and there are many users, don't forget that the database is also saved on the hard disk. At this time, WP super cache is more competent for this situation. And can cache part of HTML, and can cache part to the hard disk. In this way, in the case of a small number of visits, under the premise of making full use of resources, the speed has been greatly improved. However, the problem is further emerging. When the traffic volume of the website reaches a certain level, WP super cache will eat up a lot of resources. At this time, we have to go back to Cos HTML cache. If the traffic volume increases further, congratulations. What you need is not a plug-in, but a strong independent server.