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The Premier League is the first league! Buying short of Europe, spending the most money has the worst performance, and Chelsea is the smartest

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the transfer window of the five major European leagues has finally closed. To put it bluntly, this summer may be the busiest summer in European football

in addition to the heavy deals such as Lukaku and Sancho, Ronaldo and Messi have changed their owners respectively, and glitzmann has been transferred to Atletico Madrid. The two future superstars, mbape and Harland, who have been making a lot of noise, have stood still for their own reasons

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In fact, careful analysis, in addition to these, there are many lively dramas in this year's transfer window

1. The Premier League is the most active League in the five major leagues. They extend their claws to other leagues, and many of them are famous stars

Seven of the top 10 players in the transfer fee have gone to the Premier League. Seven of the top 10 players in the summer window transfer fee this year are the Premier League. Grilish, Lukaku and Sancho are all spent in the Premier League, and Ben White, the fifth, is also from the Premier League

If only the giants are keen to buy people, it's even better. Teams in the middle and lower reaches of the Premier League, such as crystal palace, West Ham, Leicester and Leeds United, have also smashed real gold and silver

This is bound to enhance the appreciation and competitiveness of the Premier League and weaken other leagues

2. Arsenal spend the most money, but the results are the worst

Premier League clubs are the most active customers in the market. According to the data from Dechuan, among the top 20 clubs burning money this summer, the Premier League accounts for 12, just 60%. Moreover, the top four with the most money are from the Premier League

among them, Arsenal's net transfer expenditure was the largest, reaching 134.7 million euros. They introduced Ben White (58.5 million), ergaud (35 million), Ramsdale (28 million), lokonga (17.5 million), Tavares (8 million) and Fu An Jianyang (18.6 million) this summer, but saw a return money (29.4 million) in Willock

however, Arsenal's operation was as fierce as a tiger, but in exchange for the team's worst record at the beginning of the Premier League: three consecutive defeats! Arteta's class alarm has long been over the Emirates Stadium

3. Chelsea is the smartest

Chelsea's income is less than villa's. villa just sold glalish and made 100 million pounds, but after all, they bought it at the expense of their own strength

Chelsea is different. They pay equal attention to both economy and competition. On the one hand, he sold off his non main players, on the other hand, he spent a lot of money to sign star players (Lukaku, etc.), and his strength on paper increased rather than decreased

among them, they got 40 million euros for Abraham, 35 million euros for Zuma, 29.2 million euros for tomori and 9 million euros for ZapA Costa

without others, the transfer fees of these people alone add up to 113.2 million euros, which can basically fill the deficit of buying Lukaku